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​Fueling photosynthesis with light to flower plants is a complex process and requires extensive research!

This harmonic form of photon energy will:

  • Increase your plant's ability to perform photosynthesis so they can grow healthier!

  • Make full use of your growing space by placing the Lumenator in places where HID fixtures can't go!
Lumenator is a smaller version of the Dominator. Use this compact grow light anywhere in your garden!
Lush Lighting products are unique because these are the first grow lights ever engineered based on biochemical research. We have the ability to track the response in plants to all the different variations of color. Most companies making grow lights believe only what is written in text books and assume it to be true. Here at Lush Lighting, we also believe what is written in text books, but we know there is more they are not telling us. This is why our years of research have resulted in products that will change everything!

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Amazing grow light with huge yields for beginners starting with a limited budget.